Having been born in Liverpool during the mid 60’s, it would be easy to assume why I was christened ‘Paul John’... However, I’m assured it was nothing to do with Messrs Lennon and McCartney (despite my father knowing them both well as friends and having toured with them)

I was blessed by being born to parents that were creative, musical and intelligent and the grounding they gave me in my formative years has stood me in good stead for my entire life.

My mother gave me my confidence, the ‘gift of the gab’ and the ability to adapt quickly and feel comfortable in any environment. My father taught me humility and respect but most importantly gave me the gift of his creativity and instilled my love of writing and 'wordsmanship'.

After spending my teenage years in various bands trying desperately, and failing, to become a ‘rock star’, I began work in the television and video industry and, after reaching a reasonable level of success, in 1993 finally set up my own production company Punchline Media & Events Ltd.

Since then, over the last twenty years or so, Punchline teams have gone on to produce all manner of video, digital media and live events, quite literally, all over the world.

These days, based between homes in Canada and the UK, I tend to work more in the role of Creative Director both for Punchline in the UK and Europe and on a freelance basis internationally.

I would describe myself as an 'imagineer' coming up with concepts, themes and ideas for clients worldwide as well as writing, shooting and producing video for corporate clients, entertainment and occasionally TV.